The Complete Sketchup & Vray Course for Interior Design

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You've just stumbled upon the most complete, in-depth Sketchup & Vray course for Interior Design. With over 36,000+ students enrolled and hundreds of 5-star reviews to date, this comprehensive Sketchup & Vray course covers everything you'll ever need.

  • Updated at the start of August 2023 (Model & Render a Living Room Scene with Vray 6 for Sketchup | Learn the Photographic Approach of Rendering - MASSIVE UPDATE) 

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Shruti says, "Yes, I absolutely love this course and have gained so much knowledge ever since I started these lessons. Would definitely recommend this to my friends who would like to brush up on their basics as well as learn the fine details in designing on software like Sketchup."

Aparna says, "Just Wonderful! Before this course, I only know how to click interactive render without even adding any lights or settings. Now I know, whats Interactive and Main rendering is, lights, materials, plugins, settings etc. Loved learning this course and also instant clarification of doubts."

Jhoe says, "Excellent SketchUp course! The instructor utilizes the power of SketchUp and Vray with Post-Production...and very easy to follow. Highly recommended!"

This course is designed to jumpstart your Sketchup, Vray & Interior Design Journey, wherein we take you Step by Step with Real-Life Projects and get you up & running to design your favourite Interior Design space efficiently, quickly and in the right way.

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  • Comprehensive coverage of the essential tools to design a bedroom, living room, modular kitchen, bathroom & more interior spaces, STEP BY STEP - Learn not only how every tool works but also how to apply it in the right way in your Sketchup workflow.
  • Downloadable Resources - Exercise files like Sketchup Models for every lecture & section so you can follow along step by step.
  • Learn from an Expert - Manish Paul Simon has been using Sketchup for over 10 years and he will be sharing all his skills and secrets which has helped him model faster, efficiently and most importantly, amaze clients.
  • Monthly Updates - This course will be updated on a monthly basis with new high-quality tutorials and resources and you will get an in-depth understanding of how to design a modern contemporary bedroom, modular kitchen & more.

Course Overview

It is crucial that when you learn Sketchup, you start with the right fundamentals (which are also easy to pick up). Once you've picked up on the fundamentals of 3D Modelling, we jump into more advanced topics using specific Sketchup plugins, to take your modeling to the Next Level.

This course is divided into 7 Real-Life Interior Projects:

Before Project 01, we will have the introduction and how to install Sketchup, Vray & all the essential plugins

First, Master the Fundamentals of Sketchup

Introduction to Sketchup for Absolute Beginners

In this section, we will start with the fundamentals

  • Introduction to Sketchup Interface
  • Introduction to Sketchup Tools.
  • Introduction to Sketchup Default Tray
  • And everything Sketchup + Practice Projects

Project 01 - Vray 6 for Sketchup | Living Room Masterclass (Added in August 2022)

Project 01 - Living Room Scene (Model and Render this Scene Step by Step)

Introducing the photographic approach (the MCLR Workflow) to rendering, a MASSIVE update to the course. Let's make high-quality interior visuals FAST with Sketchup & Vray using the MCLR workflow. And yes, we will be using the latest version of Vray & Sketchup for this section.

Upon completing this section, you should have the skills & knowledge to create high-quality visuals FAST! You can even call yourself a CG artist!

Practice makes Perfect! Continue learning the course  with new projects as shown below: 

Project 02- Model & Render a Photorealistic Chic Bedroom with Vray 5 and Sketchup 2021 (Added ON July 2021)

Project 02 - Chic Bedroom Scene (Learn to create different Renders in this section)

In this project, we will learn to use the latest versions of both Vray and Sketchup, namely Vray 5 and Sketchup 2021 respectively, to model, render and post-produce a Contemporary Chic Bedroom. We will also showcase some additional plugins which come in really handy while designing interiors such as profile builder, floor generator and sketchuv. Towards the end of the project, we create an additional sectional perspective render that would definitely "wow" your clients.

Project 03 - Sketchup (Modeling a Contemporary Bedroom) (Sketchup 2020 & Vray Next)

Project 03 - Learn to create this Render with Sketchup 2020 & Vray Next

Are you using the older versions of Sketchup & Vray? Then this section is for you.
In project 03 we will start with the fundamentals

  • We will learn to import images & CAD into Sketchup
  • How to model our walls, floors, ceilings, doors & windows.
  • How to model our Bedroom Placeholders

How to model our Wardrobes, Study Tables, & TV Units.

Advanced Sketchup Modelling

  • Learn to model Beds using the  Artisan Tools & SubD
  • Learn to model Curtains using Clothworks
  • Learn to model Blankets & Pillows using the Clothworks tool.
  • Create a Studio and import from 3D Warehouse the Right Way!
  • Create a Bean Bag in the Studio

Photorealistic rendering with Vray Next for Sketchup.

  • We will be introduced to the Vray Interface & the Vray Asset Editor
  • We will learn how to set up Vray Lights in our Bedroom and use an important lighting system. (Photographic Approach with the Archgyan Lighting System)
  • We will learn to create Vray materials like metal, cloth, wood, glass, glossy, matte laminate sheets.
  • We will also learn to use Vray-Fur to create rugs & carpets, Vray-Infinite plane, Render elements, and loads more.
  • Finally, we learn how to render our final image using vray settings and also learn post-production techniques using Photoshop.

Project 04 - Model & Render a Swing Wardrobe with Sketchup & Vray Next (Added in March 2020)

In this project, we will learn how to create a Swing Wardrobe in Sketchup as per interior design standards. We will learn the importance of composition and how to render the swing wardrobe in a Studio setting using Vray Next.

Learn to model a Contemporary Swing Wardrobe step by step in this section including it's details.

Project 05 - Design & Render a Modular Kitchen with Sketchup 2020 & Vray Next (Added in April 2020)

In this project, we will learn to model and render a Modular Kitchen. We will learn about the various standards, vray materials, lights and more to create an amazing looking Night Render of our Kitchen. We will also learn how to change material colours on Photoshop instead of re-rendering them on Sketchup.

Project 06 - Design & Render a Contemporary Bathroom with Vray 4 and Sketchup 2020 (Added in May 2020)

Here's what you will learn in this project

  • Create a Vray Library in the Vray Asset Editor
    This will help you create your best Vray Library which you can reuse for all future work, modelling & rendering. Plus, I will be sharing the Exclusive Archgyan Vray Library with you.
  • Creating Multiple Options in the Same View
    You will learn to create multiple options for the same views by leveraging Tags (Layers) & Scenes. This is going to be super useful for all those Interior Designers out there.
  • Create New Materials
    We will learn about various new maps like the falloff maps, edges maps and more. We will learn to create bathroom wall tiles using in-built Vray Maps and much more.
  • Add Vray Lights in a New Way
    We will learn how to add lights in a new way and help you easily change the direction, cone angles & penumbra angle of spotlights.

Leveraging VFB History

We will learn to render a photorealistic bathroom plus we will learn to leverage VFB History to check out before & after of Renders.

Project 07 - Model & Render a Living Room Scene with Vray 5 and Sketchup 2021 (BRAND NEW PROJECT- ADDED ON DECEMBER 2021)

In this brand-new project, you will learn to recreate a realistic Living Room render with all the new features of Vray 5.

Here's what you get to learn in this workshop:

  • We'll start off the Sketchup model and learn how to create our room from an imported DWG file.
  • We will learn to design our living room space using various 3D Warehouse Models and Chaos Cosmos models. (you'll get a deep-dive on how I design Interior spaces)
  • We will set up the camera using different compositional techniques in Sketchup
  • We will set up the lighting properly in the scene using some new techniques taught exclusively in this workshop.
  • We will leverage VFB layers to boost our render further within Vray.
  • We will create a fur material for our rugs using Vray Fur and learn its various parameters.
  • We will learn to change the colours of our materials within the VfB window without having to use photoshop.
  • We will learn additional post-production techniques in Photoshop and learn how to add a beach scene behind our windows.

Bonus Section - Advanced Modeling in Sketchup

In this section will learn to use plugins to create beanbags, tufted headboards, parametric shapes and a whole lot more.

Bonus Section - Student Q/A Videos

We help enhance your renders and point out areas of improvement which benefits other students as well.

Special Features Provided

  • Downloadable Scenes, complete with all V-Ray Settings
  • Exclusive Student Group on Discord.
  • Exclusive Sketchup & Vray Library for Interior Design

By the end of this masterclass, you will have a solid understanding of Sketchup & Vray, and you will be well on your way to creating amazing renders & drawings for your clients.

Few Samples of our Student's Work

Student Name: Laura Calniceanu, Firm: Calla Interiors Romania

Student name: Giriraj bansal

Student Name: Sajaa Mohamed Sathick

Student name: Adegoke Adefolarin

Student name: Darina el wakil

About Sketchup Guru

A global education network for the interior design and architecture industry is what we are building as an early startup company. Our passion is teaching people how to achieve their dreams and helping them to learn about the amazing possibilities of Sketchup, Vray & Layout for Sketchup.

  • Sketchup Guru Founder - Manish Paul Simon
  • Our mission: Educate 1 million professionals in Sketchup and Vray to become more productive and successful.
  • Our vision: Create economic opportunity for every new professional in the field of Interior Design or Architecture and help them create amazing spaces.

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    Yes, you can use them, in fact, the aim of our course is for you to build a strong portfolio and get jobs in the future. But we recommend you to add your own touches to your renders so you have something unique and different from all other students.
  • Do I get resource files?
    Yes, you get everything we use during the courses.
  • How can I make passive income or sell my services online?
    We will show you how to monetize your new found skillset towards the end of the course with useful platforms.
  • What will I do if I have a question?
    Once you enrolled you will get access links for our discord channel and facebook group. There you can ask questions and share your progress with thousands of students from all around the world.
  • Will I be able to work as an Interior Designer after the course?
    If you finish all the courses and practice well, you will definitely be able to take freelance jobs in the field and even start your own business.
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Our focus with this course wasn't to waste time or add fluff.

We want you to be able to watch this video quickly and walk away with new skillsets to grow in the Interior Design field.

How do I create high quality renders quickly with Vray for Sketchup?

How do I leverage Sketchup to model and create drawings from scenes?

How do I navigate Vray for Sketchup and learn to use all its powerful features?

How do I build a portfolio?

These are some of the many questions we address in this course with a project-based approach. See you in the course inside!

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